Use day and night. Repairs skin at night and tightens skin during the day.

Multiple-use patches!

Exposing micro filler patches to the air for a long time, does not cause the active ingredients to drain out. The long water-locking ability maintains nourishing power of the patches for a long time, and the patches will not dry out after being attached to the skin all night. Our patches are designed for multiple-use, we recommend to use micro filler patches 2-3 times.

Start your anti-aging skin treatment by applying Secret Derma exclusive Firming & Plumping Serum to a clean face part of your choice. A lightweight Firming & Plumping Serum contains Hyaluronic acid, Vitamins and Peptides which can provide support for skin cell renewal. This tissue regeneration leads to give you a healthy and younger looking complexion.

Carefully remove white protective film of your Secret Derma Micro Filler Treatment Patch. After that moisten your fingers with water to release the patch from its base. No matter which side you will use. Place it on to the face part of your choice and smooth it with your moist fingers to fit snuggly. Try not to leave any air bubbles, press them out in one direction. *Moisting your fingers with water will help to handle a sticky patch. IMPORTANT: in order to achieve good results, the patch must fit the skin snuggly leaving no air inside, you should feel it tight on the skin.

  1. Use patches for 30 min for instant skin gratification and extra glow
  2. Up to 2 hrs as intense anti-aging wrinkle treatment
  3. Overnight for expression wrinkles, dark circles and puffy eyes
  4. The more you use the better the result!